• Top 5 Benefits of Page-One Search Engine Keyword Rankings

  • Top 5 Benefits of Page One Search Engine Keyword Rankings - Greenwich SEO ServicesYou probably know this by now, but SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is becoming increasingly crucial in online marketing. Competition is fierce online, and grows fiercer by the day. It’s not as simple as throwing a website together and hoping customers find your business. There’s a method to the madness that makes everything flow smoothly and efficiently.

    The secret to success is to have a high search engine keyword ranking. This will place your company on the front page of Google and other major search engines. Think about it… how often do you go beyond the first page of search results? If you’re like most people, you rarely click on to page 2, let alone the following hundreds of pages!
    Still not convinced that keyword rankings affect your business? Read on to discover our top five benefits of having page-one search engine keyword rankings for your company’s website and social media pages.

    1) Brand Visibility

    When you have a high search engine ranking, your company brand gets out there. It’s just like when you are on the front page of a newspaper. The front-page news stands out and people remember it. Think that way about SEO, and your company is on its way to expanding the reach of its brand.

    You’re helping search engines crawl through your website so that they in turn can help customers find you. People won’t be able to not see your brand with an excellent SEO keyword ranking!

    2) Free Targeted Traffic to Your Web Presence

    One thing you might not have considered is that SEO drives people to your business without it costing you. Sure, you can pay for ad spots to bring your company’s website up in the rankings, but customers have a way of detecting pay-per-click companies over businesses that pop up organically. And customers are skeptical of businesses that pay to get their high Google rankings.

    When you have the right keywords that search engines love, then you are reeling in the free traffic your company deserves. In essence, SEO pays you when it’s done right!

    3) Customers Can Find Your Company with Ease

    This may be the most obvious point, but customers won’t be able to find your business if it doesn’t pop up on the first couple search result pages. It’s a fact that people have short attention spans and demand immediacy. They want results the second they press the enter key on the keyboard!

    When you take the time to boost the SEO keywords on your website and social media pages, you are one step closer to reaching the #1 spot on every search engine out there.

    4) It’s a Long-Term Investment

    SEO is not just a temporary, one-time fling into getting your company on the top of every search engine’s list. It’s a continued investment. Everyone is fighting to reach those top spots for their own websites and social media, and the competition is intense.

    So keeping up with the right keywords to keep your company up in the rankings can be a challenge. But if you manage to keep that top spot (even just the front page!), then you are proving to customers that your business is trustworthy and legitimate. It shows that you are exactly what they have been searching for!

    5) Online Exposure

    Finally, and most importantly, successful search engine keyword rankings give your company online exposure. This is the very purpose you probably put together your website or set up a Facebook or Twitter account, right? With the proper keywords, search engines will be able to do their jobs and give you the exposure you asked for. You’re multiplying your market potential.

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