• SEM and PPC Advertising

  • What is included in the price?

    1. Initial Setup
      • Discovery
      • Competitive Analysis
      • Account Structure
      • Ad Extensions
      • Ad Copy w/ Variants
      • Re-marketing Campaign
      • Display Campaign
      • Brand Campaign
      • Tighten Up Conversion Tracking
      • Adding Negative Keywords
      • Banner Ad Creatives
    2. Ongoing Account Optimization
      • Ad Split Testing
      • Optimized Bid Strategy
      • New Keywords
      • Campaign Structure Revisions
      • Negative Keywords
      • Landing Page A/B Testing
      • Segmentation
      • Monitoring
      • Monthly Reporting
  • What is SEM and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising?

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising or search engine marketing (SEM), is a highly effective method that can bring new customers overnight. Advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads are clicked. If you have ever noticed advertisements alongside search results on Google, you are already familiar with this. PPC advertising is a faster route to increasing website traffic and generating leads than SEO. 

    What is the Pricing Structure?

    Monthly AdspendManagement Fee1-Time Setup Fee
    $500 to $999 $300 $500
    $1,000 to $3,999 $500 $500
    $4,000 + 13% of Ad Spend $500


    ** By working with us, you agree to the terms of Google AdwordsBing AdsYahoo Gemini, and Facebook Ads. Your monthly ad spend will be paid by credit card directly to your PPC account(s). Greenwich SEO Services only collects the monthly management and setup fees.

    Why Choose Greenwich SEO Services?

    PPC advertising has the potential to deliver targeted traffic, but it takes technical know-how to do it properly. All of our analysts are Adwords certified, plus they have obtained Google Partner status. We will develop your SEM strategy, conduct keyword research, develop and test new campaigns, manage existing SEM campaigns, and analyze data. We manage online advertising accounts for companies to help them increase profitability, and decrease wasteful spending.