• Meet The Owner

  • Hello, my name is Donald McKenzie Jr. I am the President & CEO of Greenwich SEO Services, LLC. I'm also a University of Connecticut Alumni, certified SEO professional, and Ezine Articles expert author. As a native in the town of Greenwich, I've spent more than 10 years helping companies outrank competitors on the internet, to get free traffic.

    How Did I Get Started?

    When I attended Greenwich High School I developed a love and passion for computers, plus anything related to the internet. I had a few friends that needed help getting traffic to their small gaming websites. At the time Yahoo was the major search engine, so I focused my efforts in that direction.

    Within a few months their gaming websites moved ahead of the competition, and people were clicking on their listings. Those same friends referred me to small business owners, and before I knew it, the news spread pretty quickly. Today, Google is considered to be king of the search engine market. I've successfully structured my SEO strategy to help websites outrank competitors on that platform. 

    Why Did I Create this Company?

    The reason I created this boutique Connecticut SEO company, is to help more companies beat their competitors in search engine listing, and get free targeted traffic. I am passionate about search engine optimization, and love working with clients as a highly valued strategic partner.

  • Donald McKenzie Jr.


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