• 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Social Media Likes

  • Greenwich SEO Services - Buy Social Media LikesEvery one of us wants to be popular. That goes double if you have a company you needs advertising. It can get a little discouraging if you go on your company’s social media profile just to see that you only have a handful of people offering you likes. The temptation will creep in pretty fast, and you’ll discover that it’s pretty easy to pay a few dollars for some extra likes.

    Even Facebook acknowledged that about 83 million accounts are false. Bringing it down to a percentage, that’s 8.7%. Out of those accounts, around 1.5% of them are spam as well. All of those were made for business: “I give you a thousand likes, you give me money.” As enticing as it may sound, here are three reasons why you should never pay to get social media likes.

    1. They offer you zero benefits

    Think about why you are using social media to advertise your business. You want to sell your product, right? Every like is a happy customer that has bought or may one day buy your product. Now think about those likes that you have purchased: how many of those accounts have even looked at your profile? Did you make your account so that a bunch of empty, fake profiles can like the services that you offer, with no actual intention or purchasing anything from you? My guess is that your answer to that is a big “No.”

    Social media is extremely valuable simply because it has a great potential for engagement. You should use it to foster relationships with your customers and build an actual community – not play house with a bunch of faux clients. You want to attract people that are actually interested in what you are offering them. So if you were to compare 100 engaged followers liking your stuff and actually interact with you with 10,000 artificially created ‘people’ made up to pump up your stats, my guess is you know which one is more convenient for you.

    1. You may spam your followers

    If you thought buying Facebook likes comes without a price – other than your money – you were wrong. Think about it: why would someone want to sell you something and then not want to advertise their product? You never know where you’re buying those likes from. Some just give you the likes; others take your money and disappear while others will do something even worse: take over your account and blast you with a lot of spam. And it isn’t like they’d be sending it privately to you; everyone would be able to see it.

    Imagine that you were a customer following a page. Your newsfeed would continuously be swarming with posts urging you to buy likes or anything else (that is not in your service package). Once was OK, you think maybe it was an accident. But once you see tons of that being posted every day, not only will it tarnish the opinion you had of the company – it will also unnerve you to the point that you’ll unfollow the said company. So, by buying likes, you may end up losing future real likes from customers that may have actually had an interest in what you’re selling.

    1. Your reputation may be harmed

    Buying likes is what most people would call an “unsavory practice.” Should people find out that you’ve bought likes for yourself or your company, they will no longer take you seriously. If the likes were bought for your company, the results will be the same; they will think less about your business and start questioning the practices – regardless if what you’re selling is actually of high quality. There are countless apps nowadays that can spot fake followers and people who receive likes from fake accounts. You just type in the name… and there you’ll see the long list of fake accounts used to give the likes. Now tell me, how is that going to affect your reputation in the long run?

    Plus, your reputation is not the only thing that may have to suffer from buying likes. This practice is frowned upon by administrators, and it is generally against the terms and conditions of each social media website. You may risk having your account suspended or deleted, which will completely ruin your efforts of making your business known through social media marketing.

    It may not be easy to grow your own likes, but with the right kind of content, you may attract real customers that are actually interested in what you offer. You won’t be just another “ghost account” on social media; you’ll be a real business person with real products and real followers. This won’t happen overnight, but once you’ve chosen the ‘right path,’ you will see that you will have real connections leading to real engagement.

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