• 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Superior to Newspaper Ads

  • Greenwich SEO Services 5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Superior to Newspaper Ads

    We’ve all grown up seeing our parents reading the newspaper. At that time, having your company advertised on the first page of the paper would have been the biggest success for your business. However, we now live in a time when having your name on the top Google page means everything. Sure, it’s good to advertise in the newspaper too… but if you were planning to ditch Internet advertising, you ought to think again. Here are five reasons why your company would benefit much better from digital marketing rather than newspaper ads.

    1. It grants us mobility

    Just think about how many devices we have that can connect us to the Internet. Laptops, notebooks, smartphones, iPods, tablets – each and every one of these are part of the average modern family. No matter where you look, you will see someone checking their online accounts on their phone or having fun with random stuff on their tablet. People no longer have to be stuck in front of a computer to gain access to the Internet. I, for one, barely sit in front of the computer outside of work hours; however, once I step out, I still find myself going online and looking up stuff on the go. It’s much easier (and not to mention less expensive) to find something online than to buy a newspaper.

    1. It offers a global reach

    Think about it this way: if you choose to advertise your business in a newspaper, probably everyone buying that newspaper can read it. However, it will all stay local. It will not reach, for instance, the neighboring cities – those will have their own newspapers to sell. However, if you invest in an online marketing strategy, you have every chance for your business to be noticed around the globe. Some random person from the other end of the planet may take an interest in your service – and that’s how you start making the money. Not because the granny at the end of the street managed to read the newspaper, but because people who actually needed your service managed to find you online.

    1. It shows measurable results

    There are several reasons why an online marketing strategy offers more results than the traditional newspaper ads. As long as you optimize your methods accordingly, you’ll reap the benefits. For example, take the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. In this particular case, you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign, and thus evaluate the outcome through four means:

    • Indexation: shows whether or not your company’s pages are found by the search engine.
    • Backlinks: accounts for the number of external and internal links that are connected to your website.
    • Rankings: measures your position on the web once certain keywords are introduced.
    • Traffic: measures the number of visitors you get as a result of the keyword search.

    And let’s face it; no one buys a newspaper anymore to look for a service they need. They go online and type the keywords of what they are looking for. The first link they see is usually the winner.

    1. It’s cost effective

    No matter how you look at it, it’s much cheaper to advertise online than to do it in a newspaper. For example, the costs of placing the ad will depend on many things such as:

    • How big the city is.
    • How popular your newspaper of choice is.
    • How big you want your ad to be on the page.

    Sometimes, newspaper advertising may eat through your entire company budget. Costs will obviously be bigger if you choose a larger circulation newspaper – which is what you will need if you want to make your company known. For example, a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal’s National Edition will cost you $164,000 while one for the less popular Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will cost you $15,000. In contrast to this, an Internet marketing company can start by charging as little as $260/month, and you can reach an unlimited number of people.

    1. It connects you to the audience

    Let’s say that your company places ads on some services. Indeed, if a person is actually interested in your services, they will call you. But by using digital marketing, you can connect much deeper with your potential customers. You’ll be able to see what they are interested in, what specific products they want to know more about. By keeping an eye on their activity on social media, you can connect with them better – grab the opportunity to show off your product. You can’t do that if your only way of advertising a product is on a piece of paper you’re not even connected to.

    With technology and the advancement of the Internet taking over our lives, can you afford not to use digital marketing strategies? No, I didn’t think so either. Digital marketing just makes more sense nowadays.

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