• Welcome to Greenwich SEO Services! We help small business owners get more customers with their websites. From realtors to doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, we help a wide range of professionals. Our mission is to get clients onto the first page of Google, so more people can find them faster. If you have any questions, call (203) 559-2373 to book a free consultation.



  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process that brings more customers to your business over time. It helps to get you front page rankings on Google to boost traffic and sales. If you are not yet investing in SEO, you are missing out on potential business opportunities!


  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is a strategy that can bring new customers to your business overnight. It also entails search engine marketing (SEM). We are a certified Google Partner, and manage client accounts to increase profitability, and decrease wasteful spending.


  • We offer creative and responsive website development and graphic design services. From company logos and letterheads to pitch decks and business card templates. We work with software such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel for best results.


  • "I hired Donald to work on SEO for a couple YouTube videos we produced, with great results, and also consulted with him on a number of search engine concerns over the years. I like his approach - all white hat, organic content driven, so everything that gets done stays on the right side of Google. Recently I recommended him to one of my small business clients."

    - M. Liebensohn, Video Active Pro LLC.

  • "Donald consulted with me and my team on the importance of SEO structure and authority. I was especially impressed by his understanding of YouTube marketing and how it could impact our revenue streams. I really enjoy working with Donald. I would not hesitate to recommend Greenwich SEO Services to any website owner looking to improve organic SEO ranking."

    - T. Freese, Strong Estate Marketing LLC.

  • "Greenwich SEO Services has provided me with excellent optimization services for my digital assets. I had no idea about SEO or much of anything related to internet marketing. The CEO, Donald, is a personal friend of mine, and always gives me advice to get more visibility. Things have been looking very good, and I will continue using this service going forward."

    - V. Guimaraes, CedarCrest Financial LLC.